‘I’ve been busted!’ Stacey Solomon caught spying on her sons whilst they’re out trick or treating

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  • Stacey Solomon has posted a hilarious video whilst following her children around like a ‘crazy mum stalker’ after agreeing to let them go out and trick or treat for Halloween on their own.

    A dilemma faced by many parents, the Loose Women panellist, who is mum to two boys aged nine and five, took to Twitter to confess that although she values her two boys’ desire to be independent, she was also worried about them being out alone. The 28-year-old also admitted: ‘I can find out how polite they are when I’m not around!’

    Posting the funny clip on her account Stacey wrote: ‘My kids are too cool to trick or treat with me & I value their want to be independent so I’m following them round hiding like a crazy woman.’

    Stalking through the dark streets of her neighbourhood, Stacey said to the camera in a hushed tone: ‘I was between letting them feel independent, but also, making sure you can wrap them up in bubble wrap without them knowing.’

    The mum-of-two gushed with pride as she saw her two boys being polite to their neighbours declaring: ‘I love my kids! It’s all sinking in!’

    However, despite Stacey’s best efforts to stay inconspicuous, the mum-of-two was eventually busted by her boys, who can be heard storming over to confront her sweetly at the end of the clip.

    ‘I’ve been busted!’ Stacey joked to the camera whilst being told off by her youngest for following them.

    Stacey’s fans loved the candid video, and it quickly generated over 17,000 likes. People were also quick to heap praise on the star, commending her for being a ‘sensible’ and loving mum.

    ‘You’re a brilliant Mother’ replied one fan to the video, ‘funny and sensible.’

    ‘Aw bless you Stacey, gave a right giggle. It’s like “mum-watch” – LIVE,’ wrote another.

    It also appears that Stacey wasn’t the only parent torn between letting her kids go out on their own whilst also wanting to keep an eye on them. Other mums were quick to confess to do exactly the same thing as the star.

    ‘Omg I did this earlier too & they didn’t catch me!’ wrote one of her followers, with another adding, ‘I did that earlier too!’