Stacey Solomon divides fans by admitting that she redecorates her Christmas tree after her sons

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  • Loose Women panellist Stacey Solomon has divided fans with her latest family photo.

    The mum-of-two shared a black and white candid shot as she stretched up to decorate a 6ft Christmas tree, which her two sons were asleep beneath.

    The caption explained how the 28-year-old was keen to redo the Christmas decorating her sons, nine-year-old Zachary and Leighton, 5, had done before they fell asleep.

    ‘The tree is up and the boys are down… time to get my Monica Gellar on and sort this mess out…’ Stacey joked alongside the snap. ‘I wouldn’t even post this in colour I’m so ashamed 😂😂😂 #christmas.’

    However, despite the former X Factor star’s bashfulness about the admission, many of her fans were in agreement, with some even confessing that they do the same thing when the kids aren’t watching.

    ‘Mine did the whole house today, I had to grin and bear it, can’t wait til they all at school tomo and I can redo the lot,’ said one mum, while this follower agreed: ‘I always wait until my kids are a bed then re-do bits x’

    A third fan posted: ‘Exactly what I do @staceysolomon let mini me help out & feel proud of herself…send her to bed and immediately fix it!’

    ‘Gotta be done! We all suffer from P.O.P.D (Perfeect Ornament Placement Disorder)’ quipped another fan.

    But not everyone was in agreement, and several opposing commenters suggested that Stacey was being a bit too much of a perfectionist.

    ‘I never redone the bits my daughter does i don’t care if its not perfect as she puts so much effort in doing it,’ wrote one, followed by another who simply said: ‘Imperfection is the way forward…’

    A third fan had a foot in both decorating camps: ‘i always let mine when they were little decorate the side (that couldn’t really be seen),’ they revealed.

    ‘Sorry Stacey, I have 4 children all grown up now, they always dressed our tree and it was never changed while they were sleeping,’ another declared.

    ‘I loved the way they did it, now always keep some decorations back for our 3 year old granddaughter to place on the tree, perfection is not always perfect.’

    What do you think? Do you redo your tree after the family have ‘helped’ decorate? Let us know in the comments box below.