‘It’s controversial and not everyone will agree’ Stacey Solomon reveals she’s homeschooling her kids

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  • Stacey Solomon has revealed that last September she removed her two children from mainstream school and decided to start homeschooling them instead.

    The revelation came about after the mum-of-two was inundated with questions about why she had taken her two boys on holiday during term time after she had been posting sunny pictures on her Instagram over the last few days.

    In response to the questions about why she was away with her boys in what would normally be term-time, the Loose Women star revealed that she had removed her children from mainstream education.

    Stacey replied to one of the many comments by explaining that she now homeschools the boys – and the surprise confession is also the topic of her latest column for Fabulous magazine.

    Starting the column, Stacey addressed the fact that she had taken her boys on holiday outside of term time and said: ‘The truth is that they no longer go to school. Last September, the boys and I decided that we were going to try homeschooling.’

    She explained: ‘I would like to say that every child is different and therefore responds differently to methods of teaching. Also, this wasn’t a decision we made lightly. It’s one we’ve been pondering for a few years.’

    The mum-of-two revealed that she had been growing concerned that her eldest son, 10-year-old Zachary, was being restricted by mainstream school as his natural curiosity dwindled.

    Stacey explained that Zachary was always asking questions and keen to learn but she then noticed when he came back from school he was embarrassed to ask anything and felt like it was uncool to be clever.

    The Loose Women panellist wanted to be clear that she was not against mainstream schools and was in no way criticising them or her children’s previous teachers.

    She said: ‘Teachers are amazing. They are underpaid and overworked and I can absolutely see why extra questions and cheekiness is intolerable and messes with the routine.

    The average school class has 27 children, with one teacher and one support teacher. Sometimes I struggle to get my two to sit and study for 20 minutes so I can’t imagine how difficult and stressful it must be for teachers to try to teach up to 30 different children with varied needs for six hours a day.’

    Stacey often speaks about how much she loves being a mum to her two boys

    Addressing some of the most common concerns about homeschooling Stacey said: ‘One of the biggest misconceptions about homeschooling, and the ones my friends seemed most concerned about, is that children won’t socialise and will have a limited ability to communicate when they get older.

    ‘I can honestly say this is a myth. There are so many homeschool communities all over the country, where you can socialise and even arrange group lessons at much lower cost but still a very small ratio of students to teachers.’

    Stacey detailed how she splits the boys learning and acknowledges the fact that she is in a more privileged position to take the jump to homeschooling than most. Her working hours are flexible and her mum is on hand to help when she needs childcare.

    Towards the end of the post Stacey said: ‘Yes, it’s controversial and not everyone will agree with me but parents have to make their own decisions. No-one should judge them and you shouldn’t feel judged.’

    ‘Everything I have ever done for and with my children is with their best interests at heart and I think that that is all parents ever do.’

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