Stacey Solomon reveals the ingenious way she got her children to ask for LESS presents at Christmas

'I just need to bring them back down to reality without crushing their dreams'

Loose Women panelist Stacey Solomon has revealed the ingenious way she found to get her children to ask for less presents at Christmas.

Like many other parents, the celeb mum was starting to get overwhelmed with her two boys' present requests for Christmas, until she found a way to shorten their list to Father Christmas.

Opening up about how she will spend the festive season to GoodtoKnow, Stacey revealed she told her children that she funds Santa, as he can't afford to buy presents for every child in the world.

'It was getting out of hand because obviously they were like "oh I need that" and "oh can we ask Father Christmas for that" and I just though this is ridiculous.

'When I was little we asked for one thing and we were lucky if we got it, so I just said "Look, the truth is that Santa can't afford to make presents for every single child in the world so all the parents have to pay for wherever he buys or whatever he makes and then he'll use the money to make it and bring it to you".'

And turns out her two boys reacted in a 'very normal way': 'They were like "oh yeah that makes sense", so you can't just ask for everything because we can't afford it. I just need to bring them back down to reality without crushing their dreams.'

Another reason why the mum decided to tell her children about the big guy's finances is so that he doesn't get all the credit for something parents actually work really hard for all year round.

'Father Christmas gets all the credit, it comes to Christmas day and you've worked really hard and you're like "hold on a second, Father Christmas is getting all the credit". Mum contributed too!', she said.

Stacey also opened up her plans to extend her family with boyfriend Joe Swash, saying she would definitely like to become a mum again in the future.

'Not right now, but I love babies and I love my children and I'd love to have a bigger family for sure,' she said. Stacey Solomon is helping McDonald's get the UK #ReindeerReady this Christmas! To find out more about the McDonald’s #ReindeerReady campaign visit:

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