Stacey Solomon reveals she took son to a police station when his behaviour was so bad it left her in tears

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  • Stacey Solomon has revealed how she decided to take drastic measures and took her eldest son to a police station when his behaviour was so bad that it drove her to tears.

    The mum-of-two was speaking on Loose Women, where she’s a panellist, when she confessed that her 10-year-old’s behaviour was getting so bad that she found it hard to communicate with him.

    She revealed: ‘My eldest had a really, really difficult period at one point in his life not too long ago, and I was really struggling to communicate with him.

    ‘We were arguing a lot, and he was being really, really rebellious. It got to the point where it was upsetting. He was having a really tough time – and I was having a tough time reacting to the way he was behaving.

    In a bid to change his ways, Stacey said she decided to take him to a police station, to let officers tell him where he’d end up if he didn’t change his behaviour.

    She added: ‘So I pulled into our local police station and I took him inside.’

    Explained how her son’s attitude changed after she took drastic measures, she said: ‘Thank God [I took him in] – because I was at that point when, you know when you’re frustrated with your child that you’re in tears? Because I just didn’t know what to do with him.

    ‘[The police] were incredible… It really changed my life, I know that it was a waste of police time, but it was the best time ever spent.

    ‘It just changed our life and they were incredible.’

    Stacey’s confession split opinion among viewers, with some not agreeing with her actions.

    One wrote on Twitter: ‘Where does Stacey Solomon live? A police station that’s actually OPEN, with police officers who aren’t rushed off their feet and have time to tell naughty kids off.’

    While another defended her, saying: ‘So @StaceySolomon is getting bit stick taking son police station too ‘talk too him about behaviour’…so what I know parents that have done this because at breaking point…if they supported her and he listened they’ve done their job.’

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