Study finds staying at home with children is harder than going to work

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  • If you often feel like a day looking after the kids is more challenging than a day at work you could be right, as a new study has found just that!

    Most stay at home parents will be able to tell you how difficult looking after kids really is.

    If you’ve got friends or family who sometimes try to question how hard it really is and claim a day at work is harder, we’ve got evidence to prove them wrong and you right!

    According to a new study by AVEENO Baby of 1,500 UK parents, 31 per cent admitted that staying at home with a child is more difficult than going to work.

    Which makes sense given that when you’ve got a child you rarely get a moment to yourself, let alone an elongated coffee break or trip (or three) to the loo to check your phone…

    The study aimed to uncover the things you only ever learn when you become a parent. Books, classes, videos and advice from others just cannot prepare you for some things – like the pain of stepping on lego barefoot!

    busy mum


    As well as finding that looking after the kids is harder than a day at work, 17 per cent of those surveyed also admitted that your back will always hurt and 32 per cent said your child’s skin is the best smell in the world.

    Almost half of the parents surveyed said that they weren’t expecting something as simple as leaving the house to become a military operation and 39 per cent said they always felt tired.

    Despite understanding how hard it is themselves, 40 per cent of the parents still thought that new parents moan too much.

    When it comes to eating and drinking, 13 per cent admitted sometimes only a glass of wine will do and 33 per cent admitted that you soon get used to eating all your meals with one hand!

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