'Ridiculous for a 6 year old' Steven Gerrard splits opinion with £1,455 18-carat rose gold iPad for daughter's birthday

The former footballer's fans were divided

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Steven Gerrard has sparked controversy on social media after posting a picture of a £1,455 18-carat rose gold iPad he got for his daughter's sixth birthday.

Like many proud dads, the former footballer took to Instagram to wish his youngest daughter Lourdes a happy sixth birthday.

The sportsman, who's also dad to 13-year-old Lily-Ella, 11-year-old Lexie and baby son Lio, shared a picture of the present he and his wife gave to Lourdes to celebrate her special day.

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Posting a picture of an engraved iPad, with the message 'Happy 6th Birthday Lourdes. Lots of love Mum & Dad X', the dad wrote in the caption: 'Thanks @idesigngold for Lourdes 18k rose gold iPad with deep engraving'.

The extravagant gift - an 18-carat rose gold iPad which costs £1,455 - sparked debate among Steven's fans, with some saying it's not an appropriate gift for a six-year-old girl.

One said: 'Just what every 6 yr old needs??!! Not', while another commented: 'Ridiculous for a 6 year old but hey if u got the money !!!'.

A third wrote: 'A gold ipad for a 6 year old. Really? Not sure that endorsement needed to be publicised. Couldn't you just pay full price and keep it private'.

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A fourth fan also slammed the dad for the 'ridiculous' present: 'I really like this couple and always thought he was very down to earth!!! But this is just so ridiculous for a 6 year old??? What will she expect to receive next year??? And why broadcast it all over Instagram ??'

However, not everyone was criticising Steven for the expensive birthday present - one follower wrote: 'He has a foundation and works very hard with those in Liverpool less fortunate than himself. He can spend his money how he likes on his children who are his world as it should be.'

Steven and wife Alex are parents to three girls and one baby boy

A second user said: 'We have all got kids, and buy things for them. Each to there own. Leave him alone. He's a parent at the end of the day...'

Do you think Steven's present is too much for a six-year-old? Let us know in the comments!


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