Pregnant disabled woman receives offensive note for parking in mother-and-baby space

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  • A heavily pregnant disabled woman has taken to Facebook to seek advice after receiving an aggressive note over her use of a mother-and-baby parking space.

    Suzanne Patrick shared the letter on the Multiple Sclerosis Trust Facebook page, saying that she was ‘upset’ and ‘disgusted’ at the message.

    ‘Hi, im am very upset i have just been to morrison in swinnow leeds and no disabled space available and also been 7 and half montns pregnant i parked in parent and child space,’ she wrote.

    ‘As i use walking sticks i didnt think that it would be a problem i displayed my disabled badge when i came out i had this note was under my wiper blade. See photo. Please share this post as i am disgusted that this person is so narrow minded, rude and extremely ignorant and to call them SP*Z spaces and the “disabled” spineless who didnt have the guts to say it to my face’.

    Image: Facebook/Suzanne Patrick

    ‘I was shocked, disgusted and left feeling vulnerable,’ Suzanne, who suffered a stroke at 23, later explained.

    ‘I went back into the store and the woman on the customer service desk read the note and was as shocked as me.

    ‘I’m left feeling saddened that people in this day and age have such hatred for people they don’t understand and how they can described a disabled person as sp*z.’

    ‘I would have had some respect if this person would have just asked why I had parked in that spot instead of assuming that I didn’t actually need it or wasn’t entitled to use it.’

    ‘Its left me feeling upset to the point that I don’t want to go out on my own.’

    Her post has been met with hundreds of messages of support, with one commenter saying: ‘So sorry to hear about this happening to you. They have no idea what we have to go through.’

    ‘What upsets me, that person clearly has children (wanting to park in parent & child)!’ another exclaimed. ‘What kind of role model is tho person for that child? Absolutely disgusting behaviour!’