Tamara Ecclestone slammed for ‘spoiling’ daughter with too many Christmas presents

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  • Christmas is a time for treating the kids, but the pressure to give them enough presents can be stressful when money is tight.

    But it seems there can be such a thing as treating kids too much, after heiress and TV personality Tamara Ecclestone was slammed for sharing a picture of her two-year-old daughter Sofia surrounded by presents.

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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    In the Instagram picture, which Tamara captioned ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’, Sophia looks like she’s having a brilliant time sat on a pile of presents all in matching wrapping paper, with a very festive-looking background.

    However, some have now criticised the mum, arguing that it’s wrong to show off how many presents Sofia will be getting, and that she is spoiling her child.

    One person said: ‘She is spoiled, too much’ while another added: ‘Sitting on the unwrapped presents is a bit unappreciative tbh, it could be seen as a bit brat-ish’

    Fist of the family Christmas 🎄🎁

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    However, others jumped to the mum’s defence, arguing that Christmas is a time to treat the little ones. Others said that Tamara has every right to buy her daughter as many presents as she can afford, and that others would do the same in her position.

    One Instagram user said: ‘Spoil her as much as you want! We all would if we could! I certainly spoil my little boy as much as I can :)’

    Happy girls

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    Another said: ‘Im pretty sure if you had what they have you would all do the same, I would haha, leave them alone you jealous people and get on with your own lives and let them be!!!!!! She’s beautiful and so what if they spoil her xxx’

    Meanwhile, one person suggested that they might not even be presents at all, but simply Christmas decorations.

    They said: ‘Could just be decorations! We thought of wrapping empty boxes as it looks pretty. Surly santa comes down the chimney on the 25th with the real presents!!!!’