Tamara Ecclestone won’t stop breastfeeding her two-and-a half-year-old daughter

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  • Tamara Ecclestone has spoken out about her choice to continue to breastfeed her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Sophia.

    The Formula One heiress has been at the centre of controversy after continuing to breastfeed her daughter, having been criticised in the past for openly sharing pictures of herself breastfeeding on her social media accounts.

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    Tamara shares her daughter Sophia with her husband Jay Rutland, whom she’s been married to for three years.

    The mum of one has now spoken out about feeding her daughter, telling Fabulous magazine, ‘Yes Sophia is two and a half and yes, a lot of people wouldn’t breastfeed now. But it’s so comforting for her and she loves it. She doesn’t have a dummy, a blanket or take a bottle.’

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    ‘When there are people walking around the streets these days in thongs and bras, I’m like: really? Can anyone say anything?’ I find it bizarre what people’s priorities are.’

    Talking about when she will decide to stop breastfeeding, Tamara admitted, ‘It’s whenever she is done, but this beast is never going to be done!’ continuing, ‘For now she’s my baby. You’re doing something that is so amazing for your child, but it can cause such hostility and anger’.

    Tamara recognises that ‘paediatricians say its uncommon to go past four years old’ and when asked if she would continue to that age, she explained she will ‘cross that bridge’ when they come to it.

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    The 32 year old also provides support for her daughter by letting her sleep in bed with herself and husband Jay. She told Fabulous magazine, ‘Jay doesn’t mind sharing the bed with Sophia. She’s our priority and we are both on the same page, so I feel very comfortable and secure.’

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