Stepdad divides parents by creating a bauble of his daughter having a tantrum

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  • Parenting is a funny business.

    There might be one million manuals on the subject of raising children, yet no-one really has the definitive answer on how to raise kids.

    And when one stepdad decided to tease his stepdaughter by making a bauble of her having a tantrum, Redditors were up in arms about his method.

    ‘My step-daughter had a melt down while taking Christmas pictures a few years ago so I made this ornament that we now hang on the tree every year,’ posted the parent on the website, who goes by the username dirty-ol-sob.

    The bauble has divided critics across the internet.

    ‘Like in every Disney movie. Did OP lock ‘r up too? Or does he just enjoy the constant reminder of a weak moment! Guess that won’t ruin the girl AT ALL…’ said one user.

    ‘That just sounds like mental abuse with extra steps,’ one person accused.

    Image: Reddit

    ‘Tormenting your step-daughter for having emotions? And who said step-dads aren’t supportive?’ said another.

    ‘I’m sure she’s thrilled that you did this and posted on the Internet. I know I’d love someone I trusted to take a horrible picture of me like this. Way to go!’ added another.

    However, not everyone was in agreement that the bauble was bad parenting.

    ‘Dang, guess no one else thinks this is hilarious? My parents have a picture of me crying and picking my nose at the same time (age 5 years) that they proudly display on the coffee table. It’s a hoot,’ said one commentator.

    ‘Considering they hang it on the tree every year, I’m assuming that it’s all in good fun at this point,’ added another.

    ‘Yeah, see that’s perfectly fine, and something I’d laugh about myself if my parents did this. I think people just misunderstood the wording, people tend to overreact before they think,’ reasoned one contributor.

    What do you think – is the bauble all in good fun, or a step too far? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!