Mum issues warning to parents after son gets second degree burns from the ‘hand sanitiser challenge’

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  • A mum has issued a desperate warning to fellow parents after her son suffered second degree burns whilst taking part in a new social media craze.

    Tashia Souther-Ditucci, from Concord, New Hampshire, took to Facebook to explain the circumstances around her son James’ injuries, in the hopes of raising awareness of the dangerous ‘hand sanitiser challenge’.

    ‘Please parents that have kids and watch youtube Please pay attention to what they are watching…,’ she wrote.

    ‘My kids watched a YouTube video of 2 dumbass’ lighting shit on fire with hand sanitizer and see the result.’

    ‘Well just when I thought all the kids were sleeping…they decided to try it. They poured the sanitizer over the shirt that James was wearing and lit it on fire…’

    ‘It went up in flames and burnt him EXTREMELY BAD!! He has 2nd degree burns on his chest, stomach, thighs and the worst…his hands! About 30% of his body is burnt! Please keep praying for my boy …He’s in a lot of pain’.

    ‘I heard just god-awful, blood-curdling cries and screams,’ Tashia said in a subsequent interview with local news outlet WMUR9, explaining that the incident happened during a sleepover with her two sons and their cousin.

    ‘My son came downstairs, and he was just really red, and you could see burns all over him.’

    In the video the boys had watched, the participants put the sanitizer on their hands and lit them on fire, but when the children tried it for themselves, the flames quickly spread to James’ shirt.

    Tashia added that she is now sharing their story with the aim of encouraging parents to talk to their children about fire safety, and prevent other young people from taking on the ‘challenge’.

    ‘They said if my son was on fire for more than another minute, he would’ve been dead,’ she said. ‘It would’ve smothered his lungs, and he wouldn’t have made it.’

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