Mother horrified after teacher pierces her daughter’s ears without consent

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  • A parent has shared her horror at the fact that a teacher in her daughter’s school pierced her ears without her consent.

    Amanda Jones, who lives in York, Pennsylvania, took to Facebook to share her fury after she discovered that her child Karli’s ears were pierced after she returned home with holes in her lobes – and bruising.

    ‘Seriously f*cking p*ssed right now,’ her post began.

    ‘My daughter went to school without pierced ears and came home with them pierced. The one side is bruised. She said one of the teachers did it I confronted each teacher in that building,’ she explained.

    ‘My daughter said ouch but didn’t say stop. So apparently that makes it alright. And it happened in the school so the only thing I can do is deal with the school police York City PD said they can’t do anything since it happened in the school.’

    ‘Oh yeah and I can hire an attorney to figure it out(cuz apparently I just have money sitting around). I am f*cking p*ssed. #YorkCitySchoolPolice #Fox43 #YorkCityCornerstoneAcademy.’

    Her rant has been met with a flurry of support from friends and followers, all of whom were equally shocked at the teacher’s actions.

    ‘I would be furious!! Make this public and share the hell out of it! This should never be okay to do!,’ wrote one Facebook friend.

    ‘Wait… so one of the teachers actually pierced her ears? Like without your ok? That’s a thing they can do?!’ exclaimed another.

    ‘She had a dent from them being pierced when she was 3. So the teacher just shoved an earring through,’ Amanda clarified.

    ‘The one said she put them in. Karli said she said ouch. Like really though. I know the holes from when she was 3 were closed because I tried to put earrings in a year after and they wouldn’t go through. There had to be some force behind it,’ she added.

    Amanda said she spoke to the teacher in question, but was told that the hole never closed.

    ‘Her teacher Miss kept saying she can go such and such time without having earrings in and put them in and the hole never closed. But not at 3 years old for only a week being in before she removed them. Stop making an excuse!! Trying to make me look like a stupid over reacting mother. I tried putting earrings in her ears and the holes were closed,’ Amanda said.

    The mother has since taken her daughter to the doctors for an official report, and the school police took the earrings from her daughter’s ears as evidence if Amanda desires to pursue a further case.