‘You are not alone’ The Big Bang Theory’s Melissa Rauch shares powerful message on miscarriage

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  • Actress Melissa Rauch shares a powerful PSA (public service announcement) video reminding women they are ‘not alone’ when it comes to the sad reality of miscarriage.

    The Big Bang Theory star, who plays blonde Bernadette in the hit comedy show, announced in July of this year that she was pregnant. But the happy news was tinged with the sadness that she had also previously suffered a miscarriage.

    Now Melissa is the face of a two-minute-long video, reaching out to everyone and imploring them to talk more about miscarriage, to eliminate the stigma of discussing loss.

    In an article written for Glamour magazine, which sits alongside the video, the 37-year-old explained that after she had written about her miscarriage, she received an outpouring of support from people sharing their own stories.

    The actress said: ‘What became abundantly clear from the massive cross section of women out there who have experienced this kind of personal tragedy is the importance of shedding light on this conversation that is traditionally stranded in the shadows.’

    ‘The hope being that those who are desperate to feel less alone can in turn be alleviated of the sadness, fear and stigma that surrounds it.’

    The black and white video opens with quotes of pregnancy loss stats before different women say: ‘These aren’t just numbers, it’s me.’

    It continues with the women talking about their own loss, each of them putting a voice to lines like: ‘I felt like failure’ and ‘I felt shame’, before reminding the viewer that ‘if [they’re] going through this now, know that [they are] not alone.’

    This poignant video was Melissa’s way of addressing the lack of conversation, and to help take down the stigma of talking openly about miscarriage.

    Melissa ends the article by saying: ‘These powerful, brave, compassionate, strong, badass ladies represent the millions out there who are a part of this sisterhood.

    ‘We are not alone. Not for one second.’

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