Mum makes hilarious observations about health-mad parents using picture of chicken nuggets

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  • Blogger, author and mum Bunmi Laditan has hit back at ‘earth mothers’ who post about the nutritional value of their children’s meals in a hilarious Faceboook post.

    Bunmi Laditan is the woman behind the satirical blog about being a mother to young children, called The Honest Toddler. Let’s just say she always exactly complimentary about her little bundle of joy. And we feel her pain. Sometimes it ain’t easy looking after little people.

    Her recent Facebook post that’s gone viral features a beautifully golden box of crisp chicken nuggets and perfectly formed fries, along with a long post detailing the delicacies of her toddler’s tea.

    She starts by saying, ‘Dinner is served! The chicken nuggets are organic, free-range, rescue chickens who communicated to me in chicken language that they wanted to die to nourish my children.’

    Bunmi then goes on to explain that she ‘coated them in gluten-free almond meal and probiotics before baking them on a tray lightly sprayed with coconut oil and colostrum.’ Obvious, really.

    And in case you were worried those were plain old potatoes, don’t be. You see, the mother explains, ‘Those aren’t fries, they are rutabaga spears from my garden lightly fried in peanut oil from my peanut grove.’

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    Bunmi’s post has had over 90,000 shares, with thousands of other parents commenting on her picture with similar witty observations. One follower, Jenna Ali, wrote ‘Right, but what essential oils are in the dressing?’ before Bunmi replies, ‘Lavender and monkey anus oil, thank you for asking’.

    Another concerned Facebook user asked what the cup was made from, only to be told that (of course) it was ‘a reclaimed cup’ that Bunmi found in her ‘city’s landfill’ and ‘gently washed with vinegar and Castile soap.’ Phew.

    This isn’t the first time Bunmi has found fame on Facebook. This honest mum often posts her musings to her social media site, with great responses from followers. She’s also written a book aptly called, Toddlers Are A**holes: It’s Not Your Fault.

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