‘We want to see more acceptance of different kids of families’ Transgender dads welcome healthy baby boy

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  • Two dads have welcomed a biological baby boy, after transgender man Trystan fell pregnant naturally at the end of last year.

    The couple appeared on This Morning for the second time this year to introduce their healthy baby boy, who they named Leo. 

    Holding his sleeping son, Trystan, sat next to his partner Biff, said: ‘We have the easiest baby in the history of babies, he eats very well, he sleeps very well and he gives us very little trouble. He basically does this for most of the day.’

    ‘We want to see more acceptance of different kids of families,’ Biff added of their new addition.

    Back in June, the then-expectant dads spoke to hosts Holly and Phil about their excitement at becoming new fathers, explaining that although they are already official guardians to Biff’s sisters’ two young children, Trystan is now 35 weeks pregnant, after deciding with his husband of four years that another adoption was not financially possible, but a pregnancy was.

    Trystan Angel Reese

    Trystan Angel Reese added a new photo – with Biff Chaplow.

    As a transgender man, Trystan still has female reproductive organs and so has been able to enjoy a healthy pregnancy – Holly even complimented him on how ‘neat’ his bump is, saying, ‘You look fantastic for 35 weeks pregnant, I think I was huge and wobbling by this point!’

    ‘I actually had an ultrasound this morning,’ said Trystan, ‘and they said that everything was looking exactly how you would expect a happy, healthy, normal pregnancy to look.’

    He continued: ‘We were thrust into parenthood, looking after Biff’s niece and nephew and then adopting them as our own, and I was really keen to keep growing our family. And we actually had everything we needed to grow a family on our own.’

    He explained that he had to stop taking testosterone supplements to fall pregnant, after speaking a medical team to make sure it could be done safely, and did acknowledge that their situation might seem ‘unique’ to This Morning viewers who may not have read about this kind of family before.

    ‘But in our community, we actually know quite a few transgender men – men like me – who have the ability to carry a child and who have done so very successfully,’ he added.

    ‘There are a lot of gay couples who would love to be able to have their own biological child without a lot of intervention, so I started to see [being transgender] as a really amazing gift that I’d been given, that I get to live as a man but I also get to do this really amazing thing, that happens to be to carry a child.’

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