Three-year-old girl left in tears as two hairdressers refuse to cut her 'beautiful hair' short

Child left in tears as hairdressers refuse to cut hair.

A toddler was left crying when, not one, but two hairdressers told her they wouldn’t cut her hair short because she would live to 'regret' it.

The child’s mother Nelly Thomas has revealed she was shocked when two different hair stylists refused to fulfil her daughter’s wishes.

‘When my (now) five year old was about three and a half she decided she wanted to wear her hair short,’ Thomas told The Independent.

‘She didn’t like the up-keep and also, feared the inevitable nit-comb ritual she saw her older sister go through.’

The first hairdresser, who worked at their local shopping centre in Melbourne, refused to do the cut because she felt the child would ‘regret’ cutting off her ‘beautiful hair’.

According to Thomas, her ‘rude’ attitude left her toddler in tears so she decided to try another salon.

Unfortunately, the second hairdresser also refused to perform the cut and told Thomas: ‘You can’t do that to her.’

However, she eventually said she would do the haircut - but only if she was granted permission by her boss.

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Sadly, Thomas’ daughter was already too distressed by both incidents and so the mum decided to have a go at cutting her child's hair herself, before finding a suitable salon.

‘We eventually found a local salon that deliberately doesn’t do ‘gendered cuts’ and they have been brilliant,’ she said.

‘Both my long-haired daughter and my short-haired one now go there.’

Following the drama two years ago, Thomas was inspired to write a book called Some Girls, which teaches young girls that they should embrace every aspect of their unique selves.

‘I have been shocked at how flustered and agitated some adults (and less kids) get at the thought of a little girl who likes to run, jump, play, wear pants and have short hair,’ Thomas said.

‘I just don’t understand why we can’t let little kids be themselves.'

Words by Kirsty McCormack


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