Parents share shocking images of hospitalised child to raise awareness of meningitis symptoms

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  • Image: Facebook/Tim Dawson

    A father has taken to Facebook to share pictures of his hospitalised daughter after she was taken ill in less than a day.

    Tim Dawson posted images of his daughter Millie, who was diagnosed with Bacterial Meningitis or Meningococcal Septicaemia, on his page, writing that although he knew the pictures were graphic, he felt the need to raise awareness of the sudden symptoms was too important to miss.

    ‘Some people may find these images disturbing… We need to raise awareness of this,’ he wrote.

    ’24hrs ago Millie was diagnosed with Bacterial Meningitis or Meningococcal Septicaemia.’

    Do you know the symptoms of meningitis to look out for?

    He then detailed how his daughter seemed fine and healthy in the morning, but the timeline of her illness progressed rapidly, leading to her hospitalisation at 6pm the same day.

    ‘At 8.50am I took her to school bright as usual and full of life.
    At 10.30am school called to say she was feeling unwell.
    At 12pm she was seen by a doctor who prescribed calpol and rest.
    At 1pm she started vomiting but was still drinking water.
    At 4.30pm she was sleepy and still vomiting.
    By 5.30pm she was almost unresponsive.
    At this point there was NO rash.
    At 6.15pm she was taken to A&E where on immediate inspection spots were found. They developed within a matter of minutes.’

    ’24 hours later, we are in Manchester Children’s hospital in Intensive Care. Having first been to Huddersfield and Calderdale…
    These images shows the type of spots, they are NOT as commonly advertised. They are more like small bruises or scratches.’

    Tim’s post has since been shared by more than 100,000 people, all hoping to raise awareness of the symptoms that can develop so quickly

    Thankfully, Millie’s meningitis seems to be have been caught in time, and she appears to be progressing well.

    ‘Luckily it seems we have caught it in time and although Millie is currently sedated and on a ventilator, her signs are promising,’ Tim added.

    ‘We are continuing to keep our fingers crossed that she makes a full recovery with no side effects. Please look at the pictures of the spots so you may recognise them if you see them.’

    Since the original post, which has been shared more than 100,000 times, Tim has also created an additional page where followers can receive updates on Millie’s progress – with the latest update looking promising.

    On Sunday night, he wrote: ‘Millie has had a good night. All but 1 cannula have been removed. She is very subdued and not very talkative. Needs cheering up today. Just been told we will be transferred out of ICU later today to Calderdale Hospital. A step closer to home :)’

    How do I know if it’s meningitis?

    The NHS states that someone exhibiting symptoms of meningitis may:

    • have a high fever, with cold hands and feet
    • vomit and refuse to feed feel agitated and not want to be picked up
    • become drowsy, floppy and unresponsive grunt or breathe rapidly
    • have an unusual high-pitched or moaning cry
    • have pale, blotchy skin, and a red rash that doesn’t fade when a glass is rolled over it
    • ┬áhave a tense, bulging soft spot on their head (fontanelle) have a stiff neck and dislike bright lights have convulsions or seizures

    However, advice also states not to wait for a rash to appear. You should seek immediate medical help if someone is unwell and displays any of the symptoms above.