‘It makes my skin crawl’ Tina Malone’s daughter Danielle labels mum ‘selfish’ to have another baby at 54

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  • Tina Malone’s daughter has spoken out about her mum’s decision to have a third child aged 54 via surrogate, labelling her ‘selfish’ and ‘insane’.

    Earlier this month, mum-of-two Tina announced plans to have a baby with her husband Paul, which would see her becoming a mum for third time at the age of 54.

    The actress released a video in which she explained her decision to use a surrogate to add to her family and admitted that she expected to be criticised for becoming a parent again later in life.

    Tina’s oldest daughter, Danielle, has now voiced her opinions on her mother’s baby news, calling the idea ‘ridiculous’ and revealing that she doesn’t believe her mum is ‘financially stable’ to support another child.

    Speaking to Closer magazine, Danielle, who is also an actress, opened up about her initial reaction to her mum’s news.

    The Hollyoaks Later star said, ‘When Mum told me about her plans to have another baby using a surrogate I thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever.

    ‘I had to ask her if she’d gone completely insane.’

    She continued to admit that she feels Tina should have stopped after her second daughter, Flame, saying, ‘Mum should be grateful for what she has, instead of messing around with things again.’

    Tina and her husband Paul spoke about their decision to have another child recently on Loose Women

    When asked if she believed her mum was too old to enter motherhood again, the 34 year old replied, ‘Of course I think mum is too old.’

    She then continued to comment on her stability to support a family, ‘She might be in good health, but I don’t think she’s financially stable.

    ‘I’ll always love her but a part of me thinks she’s being incredibly selfish.’

    Danielle also opened up about having a sister the same age as her own daughter, admitting the age gap has made it difficult to bond with her sibling.

    ‘When Mum refers to Flame as Dorothy’s aunty, it makes my skin crawl because there’s only two years between them. And in order to call someone your sibling, there has to be some common ground.

    ‘I only wish my mum was more interested in her granddaughter than having another baby.’