Tom Daley hits back at people who criticised him for using a surrogate

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  • Tom Daley has hit back at critics who continue to question his decision to use a surrogate over adoption.

    Tom and his husband Dustin Lance Black welcomed their son Robbie to the world in June.

    The couple have always been very open about their decision to use a surrogate mother and posted on their social media pages in the run up to their son’s arrival to show how they were preparing for the baby and how excited they were to become parents.

    In an interview with The Times, the Olympic diver opened up about the fact that he and Dustin are still challenged over their decision to have a biological child by using a surrogate.

    Tom explained that he is often cornered and asked why he didn’t adopt a child instead, which is something he finds deeply offensive and bordering on homophobia.

    He said: ‘Lots of people say, “why don’t you adopt?”. You wouldn’t say that to a straight couple. You wouldn’t say: “Why do you deserve to have a biological kid?”‘

    Despite the constant criticism Tom and Dustin are incredibly happy, proud parents and revealed that their surrogate is now a big part of their lives.

    Tom explained: ‘She becomes such a massive part of your life for those nine months. Some don’t want long-term relationships [with the parents]. We talk to ours all the time.’

    Both Tom and Dustin stand by their decision to not find out who is the biological father to their son because it doesn’t matter to them.

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    Tom said: ‘One thing we’re very strongly leaning towards is that we don’t want to know. He’s ours.’

    The couple both occasionally share pictures of little Robbie on their social media pages and while they do seem to get a lot of criticism, this is outweighed by overwhelming support from their followers and fans.

    On a recent post Tom shared one fan simply wrote: ‘You are amazing’.

    Another said: ‘@tomdaley is a dad and I am so happy! I so happy to have role model like this man! I’m so happy that he is normalising gay culture!!! ❤❤🙃’.

    A third added: ‘Omg it makes me emotional knowing you guys are dads to such an adorable and beautiful baby.’

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