Twin sisters stage wedding photos for their 80-year-old dad with Alzheimer’s

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  • When their father was placed in a care home after being diagnosed with debilitating Alzheimer’s, these twin sisters decided to create a visual memory to share will him before his memory further deteriorates.

    Sarah and Becca Duncan, both 23 and from Texas, recently moved their 80-year-old father, Scott, into a care home as his battle with Alzheimer’s got worse.

    The pair were reflecting upon the key moments of their lives that their loved dad would most likely miss, such as getting married, and got the idea to create those moments ahead of time so that in a way, he wouldn’t miss them.

    Neither one of the girls are engaged, but they put on wedding dresses and hired a photographer to stage wedding photos with their father – and when other people heard about the idea, their family and friends donated wedding gowns and bought flowers for the shoot.

    Image: Lindsey Rabon Photography

    Becca explained to ABC News, ‘Me and Sarah know that our dad is more than likely not going to be at our wedding – it’s not being a downer or anything; we’re just being realistic – so we decided to do these wedding pictures with Dad.’

    The twins’ mother, Pamela, did their make-up and contacted the photographer.

    The shoot took place on their neighbour’s front lawn, and shows the twins in their gorgeous gowns and bouquets with their father, seated on a couch or standing, and kissing their dad on each cheek.

    Image: Lindsey Rabon Photography

    They’ve said that their favourite part of the whole shoot was watching their dad’s face light up with joy when he first saw them in their dresses.

    ‘It meant so much to us,’ said Becca. Sarah added, ‘You could see the smile on his face.’

    They both hope that their dad will be around for their actual wedding days, with Becca saying, ‘every girl dreams about her big wedding and her dad walking her down the aisle. It would be awesome to have our dad there. He was our superhero. He was our Superman growing up.’

    Image: Lindsey Rabon Photography

    Both twins have been in relationships for almost a year, so hopefully their dad won’t have to wait too long!

    The shoot took only 10 minutes, but the memories will have a much longer legacy for everyone involved.