Study reveals there are three types of father (but which one are YOU?)

Do you think your partner fits into one of these categories?

A study has suggested that there are now three types of modern father, with dads now falling into the categories of Provider Dads, Super-Sub Dads or Carer Dads.

A study looking into the changing roles of modern day fathers found that dads are no longer recognised as the primary disciplinarian and that they now tend to belong to one of three different categories.

The study called Wait Until Your Father Gets Home by Nickelodeon Australia found that of the 900 participants, 78% believed they were 'doing a good job' as a dad and 80% 'felt lucky' to be a dad.

However, 50% think that being a father is actually 'much harder than they thought'.

These findings helped researchers create three categories that they believe most modern dads fit into, named Provider Dads, Super-Sub Dads and Carer Dads.

The categories demonstrate different levels of hands-on parenting, from a more traditional male role to a stay at home dad, but which type do you think your partner is?

Provider Dads

Provider Dads take on a more traditional male role of being primary breadwinners and tend to take parental direction from the caregiver, who is not working or is working part-time.

Provider Dads stick to giving back up to mum and help out with the kids when asked to or are needed to, as opposed to actively interacting with them.

Super-Sub Dads

Super-Sub Dads share some similarities with Provider Dads as they too act in a traditional male role as being primary breadwinner, but they have a more care-giving mentality when at home.

Outside of work these dads use a 'tag team' system of parenting on weekdays and equal care-giving on weekends, as well as being willing to take on more traditional female tasks.

Carer Dads

According to researchers, Carer Dads tend to be the primary caregivers with a partner that works full or part-time.

These dads enjoy staying at home with the children and see themselves as being pro-active and hands on.

Carer Dads ignore gender stereotypes and often have the greatest breadth of responsibilities compared to the other two categories.

Do you agree with these categories? And which does your partner fall into? Tell us your thoughts in the comment box!


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