Victoria Beckham sparks concern after posting a picture of daughter Harper doing ballet

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  • Victoria Beckham has sparked concern amongst some of her fans after she shared a photo on Instagram of her daughter Harper practising her ballet at home.

    Dressed in a sweet frilled frock, Harper can be seen practising a stretch in ballet shoes. Victoria captioned the candid photo, ‘Kisses from a beautiful little ballerina x We love you baby girl x.’

    Kisses from a beautiful little ballerina x We love you baby girl x 💕💕💕💕

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    While many fans were quick to comment on how sweet the photo was, others voiced their concern after seeing the snap, warning that at six-year-old, Harper was too young to be practising in pointe shoes.

    Pointe is a ballet technique where a dancer supports all of their weight just on their fully extended feet whilst wearing specially designed ballet shoes. While advice varies, it is generally not recommended for children younger than the age of 12 to start pointe – and Victoria’s fans and followers were quick to point out that Harper was too young.

    ‘Wow! She’s on pointe now? How old is she?’ questioned one person.

    ‘I hate to be like this, but she’s way too young to be on pointe!’ commented another, with others agreeing: ‘She is totally way too young to be on pointe.’

    ‘Too young for blocks !! Beware – royal Academy of Dance would not advise!’ said someone else.

    The six-year-old daughter of Victoria and David Beckham has loved dance for a while now, attending dance classes in London where the family live.

    Victoria last shared photos of Harper practising ballet back in June, when she posted sweet snaps of her daughter at her ballet class.

    First position ✨✨✨✨ X VB

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    Victoria also posted a photo of Harper in her grandmother’s old ballet shoes, showing that a love for dance clearly runs in the family.

    ‘Playing with my mummy’s old ballet shoes x Thank you nana!! Kisses from Harper’ Victoria captioned the picture.

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