Victoria Beckham slammed over sleeping picture of daughter Harper on Instagram

Victoria Beckham has come under fire from fans after she posted a photo online of her daughter Harper sleeping

Victoria Beckham has come under fire from fans after she posted a photo online of her daughter Harper sleeping on a chair in their home after passing out there due to jet lag.

Former Spice Girl turned fashion designer Victoria posted the photo of Harper sleeping on her Instagram with the caption: 'Precious when sleeping 💕💕 Crazy jetlag!!'

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She had also posted a photo earlier on in the evening of Harper falling asleep at the family table after getting in from school.

In the snap, Harper can be seen bent over the table snoozing whilst sucking her thumb. Victoria posted the picture saying: 'When u have jetlag at 6! X Sleepy Harper x'

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The family have just returned to their London home after visiting their oldest son Brooklyn in America where he is at university and taking a family holiday in the states over half-term.

Victoria posted the sweet pictures with her fans to share how adorable Harper looked whilst fighting her jet lag. However, fans and followers of Victoria's account were quick to lash out at the mum-of-four, criticising her for posting not one but two photos of the sleepy youngster, instead of putting her to bed.

'Such a tired and uncomfortable little child and all you can think about is another photo opportunity. Put her to bed!' read one comment, while another appealed, 'Can someone let her sleep comfortably in her bed.'

Some fans were so enraged by the photos that they even threatened to stop following Victoria's account. 'Enough don't post anymore photos of your little girl with jet lag. Not acceptable and if you continue I will delete your feed and encourage others to do so,' said one follower.

However, Victoria's loyal followers were quick to defend the star, writing: 'she is only doing what every other mother does on a day to day bases it's only a photo of her daughter falling asleep where is the harm in that'.

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Harper celebrating Halloween the following evening

Others pointed out: 'Clearly she's putting her to bed. Notice how she woke Harper up to change her school uniform into something more comfortable and probably take a bath too yet Harper still managed to sleep in between those.'

Although some people criticised Victoria for letting her daughter suffer such bad jet lag and for taking Harper abroad at all, the mum's fans hit back, saying: 'I guess you would prefer her being raised by nannies and left home for weeks at a time, so you can then complain she's being raised by nannies. At least this mom takes her kids with her, instead of letting others raise her.'


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