'I can't cope' Viewers left in tears over heartwarming scene in The Secret Life of 4-Year-Olds

SO sweet!

The Secret Life of 4-Year-Olds viewers were left in tears last night after watching a heartwarming scene between a little boy and his 'best friend' with Down's syndrome.

We can always count on the The Secret Life of 4-Year-Olds to make us laugh, but it's fair to say it's also made us shed quite a few tears.

At least that was the case for many viewers during last night's episode, after watching Tomas help his new 'best friend' Ada.

The little boy melted hearts all over the country when he helped Ada, who has Down's syndrome, overcome her fear of rabbits.

Ada was too scared to pet the rabbit initially

She initially ran away from the pet rabbit because she was scared, but Tomas found a way to help her. Using a soft toy bunny, he told her: 'Rabbits don't eat humans, they only eat carrots and carrot cake.

'Are we going to stroke the bunny? Are you going to stroke that?'

Fans of the show quickly took to social media to comment on the touching moment between the two, with many saying it left them in tears.

One wrote: 'TOMAS AND ADA I CAN'T COPE #SLO4YO', while another tweeted 'Tomas and Ada got me doing a lil cry #SLO4YO'

A third said: 'When Tomas went and helped Ada with going to pet the rabbits I actually cried, they're too cute #slo4yo 😢🙈'

A fourth added: 'Oh my! Tearing up here! Tomas & Ada are too cute! ‘Rabbits don't eat humans. They only eat carrots & carrot cake’ Best Friends! #SLO4YO 🐰🥕🍰'

Experts offering insight on the children's behaviour during the episode said that Tomas showed great amounts of empathy as he comforted his friend.

Ada overcame her fear of rabbits with the help of Tomas

Ada's parents, Matt and Laura, have previously said they applied to have Ada on the show in a bid to raise more awareness about the condition, and show people what it really means to be a child with Down's.

Despite struggling to find friends to play with initially, Ada - whose parents say she has a 'big personality' - had a best bud in Tomas by the end of the week, who then said she was his 'best friend'.

Are you watching The Secret Life of 4-Year-Olds? What was your favourite bit? Let us know in the comments!


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