Vogue Williams hits back at 'bump-shamers' who left her so worried she saw a doctor

Vogue Williams went to the doctors to get her bump checked out after constant criticism left her worried

vogue williams

Vogue Williams, who is currently expecting her first child, has hit back at bump-shamers who left her so worried she went to the doctors.

Speaking to Irish Tatler, the expectant mum revealed that because 'so many people' commented on the size of her bump after she announced her pregnancy she went to the doctor concerned - only to find out everything was fine.

'It got to the point about two weeks ago where I actually started worrying because so many people were like, "You should be bigger at that amount of weeks". So, I went o the doctor and everything is completely normal, the baby is completely healthy and fine.'

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Vogue posted pictures show her bump from the front and side whilst on holiday

Just a few weeks ago the model hit back at those who accused her of editing her baby bump pictures whilst on holiday, and now the star has come forward to discuss how worried the constant bump criticism left her. The model also took the opportunity to address criticism she has received for posting videos of her working out whilst pregnant.

'I'm listening to a doctor, a nutritionist and a personal trainer. If I'm doing something and I'm posting about it and it's on my page, it's healthy to do' Vogue said. 'I'm not going to do anything to put my baby at risk.'

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Fitness-enthusiast Vogue has always regularly posted videos from her workouts - and has continued to do so during her pregnancy

Vogue Williams and fiancé Spencer Matthews announced that they were expecting their first child in March.

Although at first the couple chose not to reveal the gender of the baby, Vogue accidentally revealed they were having a little boy during an interview.

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Vogue also spoke about the disappointment of losing work shortly after she announced she was expecting.

She said: 'A couple of brands that I loved working with, and was contracted to work with for another year, dropped me...that was straight after the pregnancy when I was literally about to sign the contract.

'It just felt like, it's hard enough to be a woman without having to put up with this s**t too.'