Water bottle flip challenge: A complete guide for confused parents!

Be honest, you've given it a go haven't you?

Thud... thud... thud... Are you familiar with this noise in your household? Yes? Well, you have our deepest sympathies.

This is the noise driving parents around the world to distraction as their kids relentlessly attempt the water bottle flip challenge.

Just as you start to get used to the vaguely rhythmic sounds of your child tirelessly throwing a half-empty bottle at a flat surface, they'll shock the bloody life out of you by actually landing the thing and screaming the house down.

If you're looking to understand this strange new reality you're living in, we've got the answers. From where the weirdly addictive water bottle flip challenge came from, to how to live with it. Hang in there, and just know you're not alone.

What is the water bottle flip challenge?

To have a go at the water bottle flip challenge, should you want to, you simply need a half-filled plastic water bottle and a flat surface - strangely simple, right?

To master the bottle flip, toss the plastic water bottle into the air so that it rotates and ideally lands upright on its bottom on your flat surface.

Where did the water bottle flip challenge come from?

For one of the most bizarre crazes we've ever known to take hold of a generation, it makes sense that it originated in the most random and unlikely-to-go-viral of places, at a school talent show no less.

Oh internet, how you do continue to amaze us. Last year, in May 2016, an unsuspecting online sensation was born in American high school student Mike Senatore.

Mike wanted to appear in the Ardrey Kell High School talent show, but having no traditional talent show abilities he decided to poke a little fun and do something ironically unimpressive. Little did he know that the whole world would find his talent for flipping a water bottle so impressive, and still be going wild for it over a year later.

Many students tweeted from the event, one in particular called Wesley Manning who was retweeted over 56k times.

Famous people trying the water bottle flip

Turns out it's not just our little ones at home that have been caught up in this craze. Unlike dabbing, which is favoured by a range of ages, the water bottle flip challenge seems to be mostly popular amongst pre-teens and adolescents, which we suspect comes from its high school origin.

In fact many parents are finding that the challenge drives them mad and schools have been banning the activity as it's seen as a distraction and nuisance. But amongst those adults who have given a go, are of course This Morning hosts Holly and Phil, as well as US chat show host Ellen.



Social media is awash with kids trying out the move and attempting to win challenges against their friends, flooding every social media platform from Snapchat to YouTube.

For example, check out mini YouTubers Jake and Ty who try flipping bottles all over their house (which we bet their parents were thrilled about).


Is the water bottle flip challenge all that bad?

As we previously mentioned, and you may already know, parents and teachers have been complaining that this latest craze is a little bit testing on the ol' nerves. It sounds controversial but there's part of us that's wondering, is it really that bad?

To try and keep you remotely sane, here's five reasons why the water bottle flip challenge could be a good thing. We suggest you think of these when times get really rough.

1. If we push the boundaries, we could class it as sport practice? Okay we know it's quite a stretch, but, it gets them moving, uses some arm muscles and requires the practice of skills such as balance and hand eye coordination which sounds pretty athletic to us!

2. It encourages some positive character traits It's not the most intelligent of challenges but it does require, focus, concentration, determination and encourages a little healthy competition. You never know, these new traits might pay off come exam time... although probably not.

3. It keeps them entertained... ... and therefore off your back! Quick! Run! Be free and drink all the wine you can find!

4. It's a modern rags to riches story At the heart of this viral tale is a previously unknown teenager who has now been given opportunities such as holding his own TED Talk through becoming an internet sensation - you could call that inspirational.

5. It's actually quite fun Right now we're basically the 'see no evil' cheeky monkey emoji. There, we said it - it's actually quite funny. So maybe give it a go and have a bit of bonding time with your kids. You never know, it might give you some serious 'cool mum' points.


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