'What’s wrong with a little boy having a pram and a baby?' Dad defends buying his son a pram for Christmas

‘Our little boys and girls need to know it’s ok to be whatever they want to be.’

A dad has spoken about why he's happy to buy his son a pram for Christmas, hoping to break the stereotype that dolls are just for girls.

Brad Kearns has two little boys with his wife Sarah, and posted on his Facebook page DaDMuM after his son Knox started playing with his baby doll.

He said: 'So lately Knox has been playing with a tiny baby doll. He calls it bubba. Absolutely loves it. Pretends it's his own little baby. Last night I noticed a toy bottle still in the Christmas shopping. Didn't think too much of it. Then while we were in Toys'R'Us Sarah said we were looking for a pram for him to push the bubba around in.


Brad admitted that he at first questioned the idea and wondered why a little boy would want a toy pram. ‘For some reason I turned my nose up at the idea', he said. ‘I kinda just replied "but why would we get him a pram"'.

However, Brad went on to say he was wrong and surprised at his response. He went on to argue it's this type of stereotyping that leads children to grow up and think parenting a ‘woman's job'.

Brad said: ‘Why did I do that? What's wrong with a little boy having pram and a baby? Holy f***...I was literally going against most of the s*** I preach and I didn't even mean to. I just assumed that a pink toy wasn't a boys toy.


‘No wonder some little boys grow up thinking parenting is a woman' job. No f****** wonder. We looked at all the prams and they were basically all pink. Most real prams are black....Why the f*** are toy prams pink?


He went on to encourage other parents to challenge this stereotype, arguing: ‘Our little boys and girls need to know it's ok to be whatever they want to be.'

And it looks like the family are going to have a lovely Christmas with Brad adding: ‘So now he's getting a pram, a pregnancy test kit and a maternity apron! F*** the genders.'

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