‘Am I missing something?’ Working mum sparks debate claiming it’s easier to be a stay at home mum

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  • Whether you’re a stay at home mum or a working mum, looking after your child and the house requires a lot of effort, time and hard work.

    Deciding whether to return to work is a big decision and one that’s different for every family.

    But one mum has sparked debate after claiming it’s much harder to be a working parent.

    Writing under the name, ‘workingmummy123’, she took to the site Mumset to explain why she thinks it’s harder for mums who have a job outside the home.

    ‘I understand this won’t please everyone but I’m referring to SAHMs [stay at home mums] with school age children. I read lots of articles – one today on Facebook – which talk about how SAHMs “work” at home doing hundreds of domestic chores.’

    The mum then made the point that as a working mum she has to do the same amount of jobs as well as have a job.

    She added: ‘However I work full time and have to the exact same number of domestic chores – I just have less time to do them. Am I missing something?’

    Some stay at home mums were outraged by her comments, arguing that because they don’t have a paid job doesn’t mean they work any less.

    One user argued: ‘School age only is a bit different but it p***** me off when people say working mums do the same amount anyway.

    If your child is at a childminders, it is not making messes in your house. You do not go through the crockery for meals and snacks through a day as you won’t be home to eat there.

    ‘You will not have multiple outfit changes as your child has smeared things on you, and you won’t get the same degree of cabin fever from being around a small loud creature of demand 24 hours a day.

    ‘So basically I’d rather not judge anyone.’

    However, others agreed with her post, saying that once the children are at school all day, it’s much easier to be a stay at home.

    One mum argued: ‘I’m a SAHM with pre school age DC [darling children]. Now way would I stay home once they’re at school!!! Dunno what’d I would do all day I’d go mad!

    ‘So working from a SAHM in answer to your question yes one they go to school that would be easier than working!’

    However, other mums said staying at home or working can really depend on circumstances and each family’s financial situation.

    One mum explained: ‘I’ve been both, both were equally hard for different reasons, both met with disapproval from either camp. Why can’t women just support each other and their choices we have enough crap to deal with without turning on each other.’

    Do you think it’s more difficult to be a working mum or stay at home mum? Let us know in the comments below!

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