‘Stay at home mothers are in the trenches all day everyday’. Working mum praises stay at home mothers in blog post

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  • Whether you’re a mum who goes out to work, or you stay at home with the kids full-time, both options have their own benefits and their own challenges.

    But the most important thing to remember is that it’s your decision and other people shouldn’t feel like they can pass judgement.

    One working mum has written an inspiring blog post praising stay-at-home mums, to show that being a full-time mum is definitely not the ‘easy option’.

    Mum-of-two Rachelle, from Melbourne Australia, writes the blog The Mummy Code, and is known for her honest accounts of balancing being a mum and going to work.

    Image: The Mummy Code

    But after her three-year-old son Hudson broke his arm, Rachelle had to stay at home to look after him as well as her one-year-old daughter, Scarlett.

    Rachelle normally works four days a week, with her day off spent running errands, watching the kids and ‘catching up on life’. However, in her blog post she added that even though ‘being a mum in any form is hard’, she has new found praise for stay-at-home-mums.

    ‘After being home a lot the past few weeks with Hudson who broke his arm. I can honestly say that I believe stay at home mums have it super hard’, she wrote in her blog.

    While work can be stressful, Rachelle praised stay-at-home mums, who have to work constantly and without a break, something that might not happen in the office.

    ‘Stay at home mothers are in the trenches all day everyday’, she wrote.

    ‘They can’t just pop up the street at lunchtime to grab something for dinner. They must load the car with little people, nappies, snacks, toys etc……their houses are in constant play mode with toys and books being played with all day everyday. Not to mention the craft supplies or play-doh that is probably crowding every inch of bench space.’

    Image: The Mummy Code

    While she added: ‘I’m not saying anyone needs a trophy’, she wrote that more people should realise just how hard stay-at-home mums work.

    She said: ‘I just believe that working mothers get a lot of credit in the media and in society. Stay at home mum’s don’t always get the pat on the back they deserve.

    ‘This is my opinion only, but I really think it’s time that stay at home mum’s get credit where its due and they all deserve a high five for just getting it done.

    ‘Well done stay at home mummas, from a working mum who can appreciate how hard it must be.’

    We think she’s absolutely right and both working mums at stay-at-home mums should get the praise they deserve!