6 reasons why flexible work is the best kind of work

Save money, cut down on stress and do more of what you want

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1. Extra family time

How many times have you had to dash from work to get the kids? Choose to work flexibly and you’ll have more time to spend with those you love. So you can take the kids to football practice, be there for school pick-up or drop-off, do the shopping for an elderly relative or make a parents’ evening without breaking a sweat.

2. Get things fixed

When appliances or services play up, it can be a double heart-sink moment as you figure out when they can be fixed. Waiting in for engineers is a pain, but if you have a flexible job, it’s easier to plan your life around it.

3. Time for yourself

If me-time is in short supply, flexible working could be the key to creating more.Whether it’s fitting in an exercise class, a few hours a week for a hobby, gardening, long dog walks or even giving something back by volunteering, choosing when you work gives you the ability to schedule in down time as well as everything else.

4. A faster, cheaper commute

However you travel to work, if you’re doing it at rush hour, it’s likely to take longer and cost a premium. Sitting in traffic uses more fuel than an easy drive, while peak rail fares have a price bump. By travelling when it isn’t busy, you can cash in on cheaper off-peak fares or use less petrol – which is better for the environment too!

5. Spend less on childcare

If you work when your partner is at home, there’ll be fewer days when you’ll need to pay for care. Plus, if your kids are at school, flexible working comes in handy during the holidays – meaning you can do more activities with them.


6. You’ll feel more in control

Selecting when and how much you work comes with plenty of benefits. Not only is managing your own timetable empowering, it’s less stressful than always having to be somewhere at the same time every day. Plus, if you’re a night owl or an early bird, you can always work when you feel at your best.

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