Genius new beauty gadget Tweexy holds your polish in place while you paint your nails

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  • It’s not often we come across beauty gadgets that are real, genuine game-changers, but this time, we’ve hit the jackpot.

    This genius creation is called Tweexy, and while it may look simple, it’s one of the most effective inventions we’ve seen in years.

    The sillicone ring, worn across two fingers, has a suction function that holds your nail polish in place while you paint your nails, minimising your risk of getting that gorgeous hot pink polish all over your gorgeous clean cream carpet.

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    Tweexy was invented by Liz and Mark, two South Carolina natives who are self-confessed ‘workaholic problem solvers’. After learning that nail polish is used by 71% of women – far more than the number who wear items like lipstick – they decided to make a useful, innovative product to make the process of nail painting simpler.

    They interviewed hundreds of polish lovers, asking them about their main issues, and found that spills, shaking, and smudging were top of their list.

    ‘They had issues about where to place the bottle when in their car, at the beach, on their bed, on their couch, in their bathtub, in a public restroom, at work, at school, on a bus or train, at the airport… you know, like everywhere,’ the pair explain on their website.

    ‘So we ended up asking ourselves the obvious: Why wasn’t there a great nail polish holder out there, one that was small, soft, comfortable, easy to use, fashionable, colorful and most important… wearable and mobile?’

    Tweexy is suitable for use with all shapes and sizes of polish and bottle – Liz and Mark tested around 250 brands, just to be sure – and has been tested on women with ring sizes from 3-17 to make sure all hands are accommodated.

    And to actually use it couldn’t be simpler – your polish bottle is inserted into a bowl-shaped receptacle (they call it ‘the crown’). There’s a gripping feature at the bottom so your bottle will hold tightly, and you can even open your polish with one hand simply by applying downward pressure on the bottle while twisting the cap.

    The product even has two rubber wings or ‘squeeze-tabs’that pull open the finger rings, so you can move it from hand to hand with wet nails.

    Convinced? Us too – which is why we’ll be picking one up asap. It’s currently on sale through for $14.95, but can be shipped internationally, and they promise it’ll be coming to UK shores soon.

    (Perfectly polished) fingers crossed!

    Would you give this new beauty gadget a go? Leave us a comment in the box below!

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