‘I am disgusted by it’ Woman crowdfunds her excess skin removal after losing an incredible 240lbs

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  • A woman is turning to crowdfunding to finance her excess skin removal surgery after losing an amazing 240lbs.

    Amber Forill, a full-time student and part-time delivery driver from California, set up a GoFundMe page with the aim of raising $30,000 for the operations, which she cannot afford to pay for independently, and will not be covered by her health insurance.

    Explaining that she has lost more than half of her body weight, or ‘over a whole person’, Amber adds that the loose skin she’s developed as a result of her dramatic weight loss has had an enormous impact on her confidence.

    ‘The skin I have is unbearable and I am, to say the least, disgusted by it,’ she admits on the page.

    ‘Having the skin has affected me more in my confidence and low self-esteem then my weight ever did. I know I should be proud and happy that I am finally at my goal weight but when I look in the mirror all I still see is the obese girl I used to be.’

    Image: GoFundMe/Amber Forill

    Speaking to the Daily Mail, Amber revealed that she managed to shed the pounds through a combination of healthy eating and exercise and bypass surgery, eventually reaching her goal weight of around 160lbs.

    She’s since maintained the number on the scale for over a year, but despite her incredible progress, remains unhappy with her appearance, saying that it took ‘a lot’ for her to post the candid pictures that show the full extent of her skin.

    ‘I try to take pictures and show that I’m happy with my body but it is just unbearable,’ she said.

    ‘I try clothes on that I’m finally the size to wear and I can’t get them because the skin is so bad and shows too much. And I’m not brave enough to flaunt it around.’

    So far, Amber has raised around $400 towards her surgery, and so is asking friends and family to share her campaign and ‘spread the word’ even further.

    Those who have already donated have wished her the best of luck on her journey, with one writing: ‘Sorry I couldn’t give you more. I’m so proud of you. You look absolutely gorgeous’ and another agreeing: ‘You’re a badass, woman! Keep up the good fight!’

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