5 beauty products that are CHEAPER in the baby aisle

This not-so-secret hack could save you a fortune!

Forget expensive lotions and potions - some of the best beauty bargains you'll ever find are tucked away in the baby aisle!

These products are like-for-like buys that come at an absolute fraction of the price, simply because they're labelled for little ones instead of grown ups. Plus, they have loads of hidden uses that'll save you time, effort and money.

Share these secrets with all of the mums you know and they'll be forever in your debt...

Cotton wool

Superdrug Cotton Balls, £1.49 for 100 SWAP FOR My Little Star Cotton Wool Balls, 99p for 100

Cotton wool aimed at adults usually costs more, but whether you're using it to remove your make up or clean up baby, it really does do exactly the same job - so why pay 50 per cent more?

Cotton buds

Boots Cotton Buds, £1.05 for 200 SWAP FOR Boots Baby Cotton Buds, 59p for 200

Equally, cotton buds are handy for a multitude of reasons, from sorting smoky eye smudges to cleaning between the keys on your keyboard - but the buds from the baby aisle will cost you significantly less. In Boots for example, you'll make a saving of 46p every time you buy a box.

Petroleum jelly

Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly, £2.99 for 250ml SWAP FOR Boots Baby Petroleum Jelly, £1.99 for 250ml

Vaseline is one of our go-to wonder products (there's so many amazing uses for it!) but we never realised the baby version was so cheap. The label might be somewhat different, but hey, it still feels the same when you slick it on your lips...

Body oil

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturising Body Oil, £3.59 for 250ml SWAP FOR Johnson's Baby Oil, £2.09 for 300ml

Body oil is an ideal moisturiser, but baby oil is a much more affordable equivalent - just look at the difference in price between these two, and you get more in the Johnson's bottle. Our top tip is to use it in place of shaving cream when you're doing your legs - they'll still be soft and silky, and you'll make another saving!

Sanitary bags

Superdrug Sanitary Bags, 99p for 50 SWAP FOR My Little Star Nappy Bags, 99p for 100

At first glance, it appears there's no saving at all here - until you look at the quantities. You can get DOUBLE the amount of nappy bags as you would for sanitary bags, which can be used for exactly the same purpose, and frankly, there are lots of other more exciting things we'd rather be spending our money on...

Do you have any cheap beauty hacks you swear by? Let us know in the comments below


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