18 things you didn't know you could do with Vaseline

You little pot of wonder, you.

18 things you didn't know you could do with Vaseline
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Despite not having conducted any kind of official study, we'd be ready to wager quite a lot of money on the fact that there's a tub of Vaseline somewhere in 99% of homes in Britain..

It might be a tin of lipbalm, a bottle of moisturiser, or just a good old fashioned tub. But no matter what kind you've got in your bathroom cupboard, you're probably not maximising your Vaseline uses to their full potential.

Petroleum jelly is actually something of a wonder product, and its powers go far beyond the usual chaps and dryness.

Here are 18 other things you can do with that little tub of joy...

Take off false eyelashes

Simply applying a little Vaseline to your lashline and leaving for a couple of minutes will loosen the glue and make peeling away strip lashes a breeze.

And define your natural ones

No mascara? No problem! Dab a bit of Vaseline on your lashes and they'll instantly look more defined.

Groom your brows

Big brows may well be on trend, but the aim is bold and beautiful, not just plain unruly. Slick some Vaseline across any stray hairs to keep them in place all day.

Highlight your cheekbones

Glow doesn't have to come in an expensive bottle! A smear of Vaseline applied to the ridge of your cheeks will lift and brighten your complexion in an instant.

Ease chafing

Summer skirts and sweaty thighs are a combination that can lead to some serious discomfort, but not when you've got Vaseline on your side. Slide a bit onto the affected areas so that they glide rather than rub.

Stop self-tanning mishaps

Pop some Vaseline onto knobbly areas like elbows, ankles and knees before you fake tan - it'll act as a barrier, and stop you from going patchy.

And hair dyeing mishaps too

The same principle applies when you're doing a DIY dye job. Dip your fingers into Vaseline and run them around your hairline to keep unwanted colour away from your ears and forehead.

Soothe sunburn

Obviously prevention is the best option when it comes to SPF, but if the worse does happen and you get scorched, a liberal layer of Vaseline will soothe the soreness and cut down on peeling time.

Remove chewing gum

Parents of messy kids, this could just be your savior: Vaseline can get gum out of hair. Spread Vaseline around the gum, gently comb it out, then shampoo to get rid of residue. As one mum found out, Vaseline can also be used to help removed chewing gum from your skin!

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Prime for perfume

Apparently, dabbing a little Vaseline onto your pulse points before spraying your favourite scent will boost its staying power - result!

Magic away make up stains

Whether you've dropped your bronzer on your bedsheets or dripped foundation down your new white top, rubbing with a damp cloth and some Vaseline should lift out some of the stain and make it easier to wash.

Master your manicure

If (like us) you struggle to colour within the lines when you're putting on polish, seal the skin around your nails with Vaseline before you start. Mistakes will wipe away easily! Bonus tip: it tames cuticles too.

Smarten shoes

Buff petroleum jelly into shoes or other leather goods like handbags to restore their natural shine and flexibility.

Ease in earrings

Love earrings, but only on occasion? Dipping the ends of the earrings in Vaseline before you push them into the holes will make them go in easier, as well as reducing irritation during the wear.

Remove a ring

This is especially useful in summer, when extremeties like fingers swell up. Wiping some Vaseline around a tight ring will help it to slip off with much less hassle.

Save a lipstick

Broken lipsticks can be turned into a lipbalm in your favourite shade when mixed with a spoonful of Vaseline.

Unstick a zipper

Jammed zippers will soon become unstuck when you apply a little petroleum to the pesky notch.

Prevent razor rust

Coating the blades of your resuable razor in a thin layer of Vaseline will keep it fresh and stop it going rusty in the shower.

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