Bride furious at bridesmaid who shared a picture of her wedding dress on social media BEFORE the big day

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  • The story of a bride whose bridesmaid posted a picture of her wedding dress eight months before the big day without her permission and is refusing to take it down has gone viral.

    The woman, who shared her experience anonymously, explained that she’s getting married next May and had a limited amount of time to find the perfect dress.

    After her fair share of wedding dress shopping, and the support of her four bridesmaids which she described as ‘thoughtful and lovely’, she finally found the dress she wanted to wear to say ‘I do’.

    ‘I was ecstatic and thrilled that I’d finally found my gown. I took my bridal party out for lunch afterwards to celebrate and we had a really lovely afternoon together,’ she wrote in an anonymous post on Australian site Mamamia.

    It wasn’t until later that day that one of the other bridesmaids called her to say someone had posted a picture of the dress on social media.

    ‘But then when I got home I got a phone call from my bridesmaid Sandra that left me shaking and in tears.

    ‘Sandra informed me that another bridesmaid, Tanya, who is a close friend of mine from school, had shared a picture of me in the wedding dress I purchased on her Instagram account. I have social media, but I don’t use it or check it often.’

    The bride, who also said that she didn’t know pictures were being taken, then called Tanya, who then refused to take the image down.

    The bride shared her story anonymously

    ‘It was at that point Tanya demanded to know who told her about the image and insisted that she didn’t need to take it down. It’s now been a few days since I spoke to Tanya and Sandra tells me she has been blocked and deleted by Tanya on all her social media,’ she continued.

    After having her wedding dress shared on social media, the bride said she’s now considering buying a new dress, but she can’t afford to after paying $300 for the deposit.

    ‘I feel like there’s no surprise or excitement around my dress anymore. Every time I think about it I want to cry and can’t imagine walking down the aisle in this dress anymore’, she wrote.

    She also revealed in the post that she’s debating asking Tanya to no longer be her bridesmaid, and asks readers: ‘Should I tell her how I feel or just suck it up and keep quiet?’

    Not surprisingly, the bride has received support from most people who say Tanya shouldn’t have posted the picture in the first place.

    ‘It’s YOUR wedding that photo should not have been posted in the first place. Personally I’d probably kick her from the whole wedd’, one wrote.

    Another commented: ‘Ditch her. She’s not acting like a good friend, let alone a good bridesmaid. If you, the BRIDE want a photo of YOUR wedding dress taken down, she should do it and be falling over herself apologising. She’s an idiot.

    ‘I can’t suggest what to do with the dress, I’m so sorry it makes you cry when you think of it. Thats heartbreaking. I hope you figure something out. But I will repeat. You’re crying because of that woman and what she did. Kick. Her. Out.’

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