Bride infuriated after her mother-in-law buys a wedding dress of her own to wear at the wedding

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  • An anonymous bride-to-be has taken to Reddit to ask if her annoyance at her mother-in-law's wedding outfit is unreasonable. What do you think?

    As a rule, your wedding day is one of the only days you can expect everyone to agree that you should be the centre of attention and no one should try to upstage you.

    But what if your own mother-in-law to be was attempting to do just that? How would you react?

    One bride-to-be wanted to check she wasn’t overreacting and took to Reddit to explain her situation and get advice from others.

    She wrote: ‘My MIL just bought a dress to wear at my wedding. She did ask me beforehand what type of dress I think she should wear. I specifically told her to find something that is navy blue, dark green or grey and something conservative.’

    The bride described the dress in question: ‘It is gold with gold embellishments and gold threading. The whole dress is sparkly. When she showed it to me I was absolutely shocked and I wasn’t very happy with her choice of dress. My dress in comparison is very simple with a little lace and some satin. As she already spent a lot on it, I don’t want to create unnecessary drama. Am I over reacting? What do you think?’

    She provided a link to the dress in question… What are your thoughts on the dress? It is very embellished and wedding-dress-like…

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    Would it ruin your wedding day if your mother-in-law wore a wedding-style dress too? 

    The anonymous bride later updated her initial post and explained: ‘I did tell her in the most diplomatic way possible that her dress is “not suitable for the function.” She grabbed the dress out of my hands, stuffed it in the cupboard and gave me the silent treatment. I don’t want to be mean as she might be going through a middle-age crisis and has high blood pressure. Not sure what to do at this point.’

    In another update the bride explained how her fiancé has dealt with the situation. She said: ‘I brought it up with fiancé but he’s not good with fashion/dresses and commented that all dresses look the same to him. However he said that I’d be the most beautiful bride and no one could ever outshine me.’

    She continued: ‘He’s not going to bring this up with his mother because he’s dead certain she’s not going to buy a new dress as she’s extremely frugal and this dress is non refundable. For our wedding ceremony at a church, she also bought a green, sequin, off the shoulder dress which is equally over the top. Can you believe this woman?! I honestly can’t brain any of this as she’s an extremely simple woman who doesn’t even put effort to dress up on normal days.

    ‘I’m hoping that when the time comes for her alterations to be done, it will cost so much that she decides to ditch this dress altogether. Even if she does decide to wear this dress, my mother is going to embarrass the s**s out of her and I’m pretty certain she’ll make a fool out of herself either way.’

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