What are you scared of? Britain's top 10 worst fears revealed!

We can't believe number one... Really?

Britain's worst fears have been revealed in a new survey, and the top ten is quite surprising!

It may not bite, but public speaking still came out on top as the thing most feared by the people of Britain. The top three was completed by the fear of deep water and the fear of spiders, but clowns and needles also do a good job of terrifying people. Check out the top ten in full below!

Britain's top 10 worst fears

1. Public speaking

It sounds like a harmless activity but clearly most of us aren't exactly great fans of speaking in front of other people. There's the pressure of saying the right things, making eye contact but not too much, speaking slowly and calmly whilst also handling our nerves and being interesting enough to avoid anyone in the audience nodding off... It is terrifying!

We're not alone in this either, as last year a survey in the US revealed public speaking as the number fear for Americans too.

2. Deep water

Unless you're a really amazing swimmer, it'd be weird not to fear deep water.

3. Spiders

Eeek. That is all.

4. Heights

Again, unless you're like Superman and can fly, this seems pretty logical.

5. Confined spaces

Not great for anyone who has to get on the tube to go to work. Particularly in rush hour!

6. Needles

The only fear in the top 10 that causes actual physical pain. 'You'll just feel a little sting...'

7. Clowns

But they're meant to be joyous creatures...

8. Flying

Pretty much two, four and five combined.

9. Blood


This little boy agrees.

10. Snakes

Do not, we repeat DO NOT, watch Samuel L Jackson's Snakes on plane. Another survey in 2014 showed a different picture. When YouGov asked Brits what they feared the most, the biggest phobia was acrophobia, which means fear of heights. Snakes followed in second place and the 2015 winner, public speaking, rounded up the top three.

Other commons phobias like fear of spiders, mice, clowns and needles were also also featured in the 2014 list, as well as cynophobia, which is the fear of dogs.

While most us have lots of commons fears, it's less common to have a phobia of something. The NHS defines it as 'an overwhelming and debilitating fear of an object, place, situation, feeling or animal', being more exacerbated than just a fear of something.

What do you fear the most? Has your biggest fear made the top 10 list? Let us know below!


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