Carol Vorderman hits back at cruel comments about her 'pillow face'

And fans have jumped to her defence, too

TV personality Carol Vorderman has been forced to defend herself after cruel trolls made nasty comments about her face, following an appearance on The One Show.

Qualified pilot Carol, who earned her license three years ago, featured on a segment of the BBC One programme to challenge herself to perform a loop-the-loop in a small plane.

Image: BBC One/The One Show

However, far from being impressed by her flying skills, some viewers expressed concern that the 56-year-old mum-of-two, seemed to have taken drastic measures to change the appearance of her face.

Many took to Twitter to express their distaste for Carol's appearance, with one writing: 'What the hell has Carol Vorderman done to her face?'

Another cruel comment said: 'What's happened to Carol Vorderman's face? Motorcycle accident?' whilst another asked: 'Is anyone listening to Carol Vorderman or are we all just looking at her pillow face?'

But now Carol has hit back at the bullies, noting that the segment was filmed way back in July – just months after her mother's funeral.

Currently in San Diego for the Miramar Air show, she took to her own Twitter to confront the trolls head on.

'On medication at the time, no sleep, heartbroken. Face puffy, eyes red and generally looking a mess? Yes. But that was months ago....', she said, in a series of tweets addressing media coverage of the remarks.

'Now fighting fit and full of energy ......and in the great scheme of what to it all!! #HappyDays....#PicsAugustSept...'.

'Happy Tuesday everyone.....wishing you blue skies and belly laughs. Time to go to bed here....zzzzzzz.'

Fans of the star were quick to send her messages of support, with even more commenting that she had no need to explain herself and reassuring her of her beauty.

'You don't need to justify yourself. You are beautiful. Pity those jealous individuals they lack love and sap goodness,' said one commenter.

'Dearest Carol, you owe nobody an explanation,' said another. 'Anyone who chooses to use pictures of a person at their lowest moment are scum! Stay strong.'

A third agreed: 'You shouldn't have to explain yourself! Forget about those horrible people and remember, people throw rocks at things that shine!'


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