Chanelle Hayes slams man who hit her with his car and then body-shamed her

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  • TV personality Chanelle Hayes has hit out at a stranger who not only called her fat, but nearly hit her with his car while reversing in a supermarket car park.

    The 28-year-old mum-of-one, who rose to fame on Big Brother, slammed the driver in an Instagram post after the unknown man allegedly hit her, refused to apologise and then body shamed her before driving off.

    In the post, Chanelle said: ‘Whichever absolute d******* just reversed his car at Berkeley circle when I was walking along doing absolutely nothing wrong… try looking where you’re going in future’

    She then went on to critcise the man, who after hitting her, mocked the star’s weight with a hurtful remark before driving off.

    Chanelle continued by saying: ‘And if u do happen to reverse into someone again, maybe just say sorry instead of calling me a “fat c*nt who needs to get my arse to the gym”‘.

    But rather than getting upset, Chanelle defended herself and hit back at the irresponsible driver.

    ‘Learn how to drive, learn some manners and tell ur smug girlfriend who was laughing at me in the passenger seat that she’s the one to be laughed at being with a complete n*b like you!!!!’, she added.

    Chanelle’s followers on Instagram were equally shocked by the driver’s disgraceful behaviour, with many sending their own messages to support the star.

    One user said: ‘That’s absolutely disgusting what this person said to you. Very rude and very unpleasant.’

    Others sent positive messages to remind the star that she shouldn’t believe the stranger’s nasty comments about her body.

    One fan commented saying: ‘It’s disgusting that people think it’s okay to call people names like and that and also to comment on somebody’s weight and be so personal.’

    Another added: ‘Horrible person, your far from fat x’

    The star has previously spoken about her body confidence, telling Now Magazine ‘I don’t care if I gain weight and am a size 18-20.’

    ‘I don’t care if I lose weight. I don’t have any plans to be massive or thin again. I’m a happy size 16, enjoying everything.’

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