Charlotte Crosby slammed for ‘one size fits all’ social media diet plan

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  • Charlotte Crosby has been criticised online after promoting a one-week diet plan on social media.

    The 27-year-old star advised her 3.17million fans on Twitter to follow her plan, which involves eating three meals and a snack a day, as chosen by Charlotte.

    In addition, dieters are to accompany this new eating regime with one of her workout DVDs five out of the seven days.

    Charlotte stays in touch with everyone on the eating plan via Twitter and Snapchat, and even shares shopping lists and snacks they’re allowed.

    One user shared images of the kinds of food eaten on the diet, which Charlotte re-shared on her Snapchat account.

    The list for food that day includes;

    Breakfast: (Three eggs) scrambled with almond milk, two rashers of turkey bacon, asparagus and tomato

    Lunch: One large stuffed pepper (mince meat or quorn) some sprinkled cheese on top

    Dinner: One sweet potato jacket with tuna and a side salad

    Snack: One skinny popcorn

    The list also included a reminder to drink lots of water – 2-3 litres.

    While some have jumped at the chance, with one user saying: ‘Getting ready for the challenge #FOF got my ingredients gonna weigh myself at 5pm’ and another adding ‘Workout one done! Dying off and ready for some food #FOF’, others have criticised the approach.

    One user, Kelly Lou Coleman, commented saying ‘Sad to see the amount of girls influenced by people like Charlotte Crosbys basically rabbit food crash diet.’

    In addition, Twitter user Emma said: ‘The food plan Charlotte Crosby is getting people to do is ridiculous, not to mention potentially dangerous for some people’

    Charlotte has also been criticised by personal trainers, who have labelled the food diary ‘awful’ and ‘ridiculous’. Fitness expert Lauren Tickner confronted Charlotte online for her ‘one size fits all’ approach.

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    Lauren, who is a qualified personal trainer, says she came across the plan on Twitter.

    Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, Lauren says that food plans should be suited to people’s individual needs. ‘This isn’t good for everyone. If I was to consume this I would feel absolutely awful.

    ‘I don’t think these meals sound very big and she hasn’t specified how much of everything to eat – so people will interpret this in different ways. It says one sweet potato – how big is that supposed to be?

    ‘Each and every person is so different and has different calorie requirements, even identical twins.

    ‘The body is complicated and everyone has different levels of activity.’

    Charlotte’s management team told BBC Newsbeat: ‘Charlotte has mixed and matched her activities this week using her DVDs, her book and her personal experience from working extensively with professionals across the fitness world.’

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