Cheryl’s £8 beauty secret to glowing skin REVEALED

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  • New mum Cheryl made her return to TV this weekend by appearing on the X-factor alongside Simon Cowell for the judge’s houses section of the show.

    It was the new mum’s first time back on our screens since Cheryl’s pregnancy, and viewers couldn’t help but compliment the star on how fantastic she looks.

    While we’re sure a team of professional stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists can’t do any harm, it was undeniable that the mum of a seventh-month-old baby Bear looked truly radiant on her triumphant TV return.

    Viewers were quick to heap praise on the star, gushing that the singer was ‘glowing’ and that motherhood clearly suited her.

    ‘Cheryl is beautiful’ one fan gushed, while another added, ‘Cheryl looks like a golden goddess. She is GLOWING’ after watching her appearance with Simon Cowell on the X-Factor.

    ‘Motherhood really suits her’ tweeted another viewer after seeing Cheryl on the show.

    Cheryl joined Simon on Sunday’s episode of the X Factor

    Cheryl recently admitted that like many new mums, she’s hardly had time to apply make-up or do her hair since the birth of baby Bear, and the chance to pamper herself a bit has been ‘really lovely’.

    Speaking to the Mirror she said: ‘It’s just been recently that I’ve had time to start applying make-up again and it’s been lovely actually.’

    The 34-year-old also revealed that the beauty secret to her flawless, glowing skin isn’t actually make-up at all, but fish oil tablets!

    ‘If you’re eating right it will show in your skin’, she said of the small capsules which can be bought from as little as £8.89 from shops like Boots.

    The singer also shared her top tip for time-pressed new parents when it comes to looking after your skin.

    ‘You don’t always get time to moisturise so my top tip for new mums would be put bath oil in the bath so you don’t have to worry about moisturising’ Cheryl explained.

    While Cheryl’s return to X-Factor might have been triumphant, winning the star lots of positive feedback, the new mum isn’t in a rush to sign up to a busy schedule of work commitments any time soon.

    Speaking to Lorraine Kelly the star said she’s still enjoying spending time with baby Bear: ‘I’ve got the luxury of being able to spend time with my newborn child and I’m going to take that for what it is, a lot of mothers have to rush back after giving birth. I don’t think it’s fair.’