Chloe Madeley hits back at trolls who say she ‘looks like a man’

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  • Fitness model and personal trainer Chloe Madeley has some strong words for anyone who criticises the body she’s worked so hard for.

    The 29-year-old, who is the daughter of TV presenters Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, opened up to the Daily Mail about the negative comments she’d received about her toned physique.

    ‘My message to those who leave hateful comments would be: What the f*** is your problem? Do what you want because it doesn’t bother me,’ she said.

    ‘People say I am “too muscly” or “too thin” or that I “look like a man” but I couldn’t disagree more and as long as my boyfriend [rugby player James Haskell] doesn’t agree then we’re sweet.’

    A lot of people commenting on this morning's post things like "how are you not lean?!" Etc… Let me be perfectly clear, I LOVE my body. I love how it looks, I love how it moves, I love how I've turned it into a seriously impressive human machine that is up to pretty much every challenge I throw at it now. I think I look great, I don't care if that sounds self congratulating or whatever, I think too many people are scared to be confident and unapologetic, but if you feel that way, your life becomes a million times better…trust me. So, in response to HOW ARE YOU NOT LEAN?!…because IM NOT. I'm 10lbs up from my "lean" weight, about 9% body fat up, I'm drinking wine and eating chocolate and well…IM NOT LEAN. I understand that people might misunderstand this comment as me bashing my body, it's not a bash, it's a fact. I understand that people might want to punch me in the face for this comment, but that's your problem, not mine, because IM NOT LEAN. Above is a comparison photo of the last time I WAS, and I'm sure now I'll get lots of comments telling me I look better now. Guys, it's my body, I love it, and I know it better than you. Don't presume to know somebody's biology better than they do, you don't.

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    Chloe has just launched her first e-publication, Eat Clean Get Lean, and says that her fit and healthy figure is down to a combination of healthy eating and hard work at the gym.

    In a typical day, she’ll have oats with protein powder for breakfast, followed by chicken, rice and vegetables for lunch. Dinner is eggs, avocado, protein and vegetables, and if she fancies a snack, she’ll have Greek yoghurt, or half an avocado with balsamic vinegar. She also works out six times a week.

    However, whilst discipline and consistency are very important to Chloe, she’s not adverse to the odd treat: ‘James and I are members of a wine club so we get a box every month – we are slightly obsessed and even go on wine tasting weekends,’ she admits. ‘We also love Japanese food and pizza.’

    She hopes that her new plan will make healthy eating and exercise accessible to everyone, because: ‘There’s so much s*** out there.’

    ‘I read other books and there’s so much misinformation. Health is my biggest passion and I can’t believe I fell on love with something and made a career out of it. I feel accomplished, calm and confident.’

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