‘Parts of her puberty will be hard’ Parents of 10-year-old who survived breast cancer open up about her battle

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  • A ten-year-old girl is the youngest patient to be diagnosed with secretory breast carcinoma, a rare form of breast cancer.

    Not even old enough to buy her first bra, young Chrissy Turner from Utah, underwent a mastectomy when she was just eight-years-old after her mum found a lump on her chest.

    In order to save her life, the Daily Mail reports, the surgery meant removing all of her right breast tissue.

    A story shared on Chrissy’s Alliance Facebook page tells how it was in October 2015 that Chrissy told her parents about a lump on her chest.

    Her mum and dad, Annette and Troy, had two doctors dismiss the lump as a result of an infection. However, as both parents themselves have also battled cancer they took no chances and quickly sought a third opinion.

    Finally a doctor recognised the lump for what it was, and it was in November 2015 that Chrissy became one of the youngest people to ever be diagnosed with the rare form of cancer.

    After the surgery two years ago, the family were relived to hear that Chrissy’s cancer hadn’t spread to her lymph nodes, and she was cancer free.

    ‘Honestly, with all we’ve gone through, she’s doing really well,’ Annette said of her daughter to Metro, adding that the health scare ‘hasn’t slowed her down a bit’.

    ‘We’ve all had such close brushes with cancer,’ Annette said, who has battled stage one cervical cancer. ‘It’s really aligned us.’

    With medical bills in the US notoriously expensive a GoFundMe account has been put in place for the family to help ease the financial burden, it has so far raised over £72k of the £91k target.

    Chrissy is due to start breast reconstruction in her teens, when her school friends will hit puberty and develop naturally.

    ‘The hardest part is that we have yet to see [Chrissy] evolve,’ Annette admitted. ‘I know that there’s going to be parts of her puberty, as she grows, that will be hard.’

    Chrissy’s mum had to explain to her young daughter that only one side of her chest will grow, but she said that it doesn’t seem to bother her that much.

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