Davina McCall opens up about menopause and suffering hot flushes

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  • TV presenter Davina McCall has revealed that she is feeling ‘incredibly positive’ about entering the menopause despite suffering from hot flushes.

    The 48-year-old admitted in the February issue of Good Housekeeping magazine that she is finding it ‘quite hard’ as her body changes to go down ‘that avenue’.

    Davina said; ‘Most of the women I talk to and friends of mine we are getting to this age where we are closing the door on one stage of our life, like having babies.’

    The former Big Brother presenter, who now works for Sky, said; ‘It’s a weird re-birth of feeling incredibly focused and positive about the next phase. It isn’t the end of anything.’

    Davina’s advice for other women beginning the symptoms of menopause; ‘For anyone worried about that, there is a transitional phase where you think this is sad. But actually it is just the beginning.’

    The mother-of-three is the subject of body envy for many women and is a source of inspiration for those looking to have a healthier lifestyle and get into fitness with her workout DVDs.

    However she still receives criticism for the way she looks.

    ‘I posted a picture the other day of me in my Lycra on Instagram and somebody wrote err, look at the wrinkly skin on your tummy! But I’m really proud of my wrinkly skin…even with the negative comments, it doesn’t rain on my parade.’

    The Wimbledon born star revealed she only became interested in taking care of her body later in life; ‘I really didn’t start this love of healthier food until I was in my 30s. Having children changed my life. It changed the kind of person I wanted to be.’

    Davina has been open in the past about her battle with alcohol and drug addition; ‘Before, I was nightclubbing, doing loads of jobs and never had time to eat anything. My favourite thing was packet noodles or white bread with tons of butter.’

    Despite reaching the menopause, Davina is glad to be a woman because of the support she receives from other females.

    ‘There are many times when I have moaned about it. When I shave my legs for the 75th time that week or think I might be getting a hot flush. That is annoying, but then I think, I have other women. And where would I be without them? Nowhere.’