Girl gets a tattoo to let strangers know she is deaf

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  • Imagine being deaf in one ear and the number of times in your life you would have to explain to strangers that you only had partial hearing?

    Telling them they don’t need to shout, only to move to the other ear?

    One girl has had the genius idea of placing a not-so-subtle tattoo to remind people of her hearing impairment.

    The photograph of the tattoo was uploaded to the Reddit pictures forum by the user iBleedorange.

    It shows the woman with her hair tied up, revealing a speaker icon with a cross symbol next to it indicating she cannot hear.


    She decided to get the inking behind her left ear to show strangers she isn’t able to hear on that one side and the caption says; ‘She’s deaf in one ear.’

    Since being shared only 24 hours ago the picture has attracted attention from around the world, and amassed nearly 1000 comments.

    One comment said; ‘Oh man that’s good. I had my left ear pierced in 1982 so I could tell people that if you can see the earring I can’t hear you. I still wear a gold hoop and tell people that, but I think I need to steal this idea.’

    Another person sympathised with the girl’s situation, adding; ‘I need something like this. I’m deaf in one ear and it sucks. I can hear perfectly out of my good ear so people obviously don’t know but sometimes if someone talks to me on my right side, I can’t hear a damn thing they’re saying. I’ve had people hold conversations with me while I was completely oblivious, they just thought I was listening the whole time and/or being awkward. And I don’t want to explain it to every new person I meet.’

    We think it’s a great idea!

    Have you ever seen an ingenious tattoo like this? Let us know in the comments below!

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