Elle Macpherson slammed by This Morning viewers for her ‘beach body ready’ advice

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This Morning viewers were not happy with supermodel Elle Macpherson following her ‘beach body ready’ segment.

Yesterday, the ITV show shared a clip which showed the 54-year-old giving advice on how to look good in swimwear.

However, many fans of the show were not happy and criticised the mother-of-two for admitting she sometimes swaps her dinner for a protein shake.

‘Summer’s coming up and I, too, am getting ready for summer body. I know that sounds really corny but I mean we all think about that,’ Elle said.

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She then went on to reveal that drinking a protein shake made of fruits and vegetables helps her lose weight quickly.

'Sometimes I'll use it as a meal replacement in the evenings. If I've had a really strong breakfast or a strong lunch I can get away with having a protein shake for dinner,’ she continued.

'For a short period of time obviously, it's not for an extended period, but if it's leading up to summer and you want to drop a few pounds that's the way I do it and I find it really, really helpful.'

She added that she cuts out rice, bread, cream and 'anything white' from her diet to drop unwanted weight quickly.

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Viewers took to Twitter to slam the Australian star, with one simply saying: ‘Shame on you!’

Another person tweeted: ‘@thismorning how to get beach body ready aka advocating skipping meals and increasing the pressure on women to worry even more about their appearance this summer. Fantastic. How about just go as u r?! interesting there’s no reference to her plastic surgeon either #ThisMorning.’

A third person commented: 'SORRY, but maybe you should tell people that they don't need to change their body just because it's summer?! What a ridiculous section.'

Another viewer added: ‘Thank goodness Elle McPherson is on @thismorning telling us how to get beach body ready. I thought I just needed a beach and a body. Shame on you #ThisMorning’

'How to get beach body ready: 1) Put on your swimsuit and sun cream. 2) Go to the beach. #thismorning,' a fifth person simply stated.

As well as skipping meals, Elle also suggested swimming as a good way to shed the pounds.

‘Treat water with water and if you’re holding on to any water because you’re flying or because you’ve been eating a lot of salty foods, one of the best ways to get rid of it is through swimming, drinking a lot of water or having mineral salt baths,’ she said.

The reaction to Elle's comments come three years after a Protein World advert asking 'Are you beach body ready?' was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The controversial ad campaign, which featured a slim model wearing a yellow bikini, was removed from various London Underground stations because of 'concerns' over its weight loss claims.

Words by Kirsty McCormack.


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