Emmerdale fans praise ‘brave’ Faith Dingle mastectomy scars scene

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  • Emmerdale fans have taken to social media to praise the show for the way it has portrayed Faith Dingle’s breast cancer storyline.

    The character, played by Sally Dexter, was seen removing her bra at the end of Wednesday’s episode, and looking at her mastectomy scars in the mirror.

    The heartbreaking moment confirmed to viewers that Faith had been suffering from breast cancer, a secret she had been keeping from her friends and family on the show.

    Image: ITV

    Emmerdale fans took to social media to praise the ‘powerful’ scene, applauding the way it portrayed what reality often looks like when it comes to breast cancer.

    ‘I was not expecting that ending!!!!! What a shocker and great awareness support for women that have had a mastectomy’, one commented on Twitter.

    ‘Actually said ‘oh my goodness!’ out loud at that powerful final scene in @emmerdale tonight. Very well played. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Bravo Sally Dexter’, another said.

    Other fans wrote: ‘#Emmerdale now that is going to cause some controversy…but great to see the real outcomes of breast cancer’.

    ‘Wow I really didn’t see that coming. What a powerful moment. Explains why Faith rejected the hug. #Emmerdale @emmerdale.’

    ‘@emmerdaleWOW. That final shot in tonights Emmerdale was a shock and hard hitting.’

    Sally, who plays Faith in the show, has previously talked about the storyline, saying she is ‘delighted’ to cover this issue and hopes that it helps people who may have gone through it.

    ‘There are so many people that have to deal with this situation – and they’re not alone’, she told OK! magazine.

    ‘I am delighted we are covering this story. It shows the many people who are dealing with this situation that they are not alone, they need not be ashamed, and that more and more woman live and thrive with this condition.’

    She also explained what the storyline means for the character, who won’t be kept down for long.

    ‘Knowing she has had these down sides means she is owed the up times. She doesn’t do self pity and she believes life is for living, especially having nearly lost it.’

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