Ferne McCann hits back at body shamers after seeing ‘horrible pictures’ of herself on holiday

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  • Ferne McCann has taken to Snapchat to hit back at body shamers after seeing negative comments about her bikini pictures online.

    Ferne recently went on a romantic getaway to Ibiza with her boyfriend Arthur Collins where she was snapped by paparazzi. On the beach in a dark blue bikini, Ferne seemed to be having the time of her life, but the star has since taken to the social media site to share her opinion over the photos and the subsequent comments that surfaced.

    On Monday morning she filmed herself on Snapchat in an on going video series that would carry on throughout the day, detailing how she felt about the emerging photos.


    Ferne showed herself bare faced in her gym kit, telling viewers how she had been working out after seeing unflattering photos of herself. She said, ‘Been to the gym because I’ve seen some horrible pictures of me today. They are my incentive to get my arse in gear and get in shape’.

    The TOWIE star slammed body shamers, voicing her disbelief at how people could write negative comments, ‘I just don’t get it?’ she said in response to the cruel words.


    Admitting she didn’t feel her best, the 26 year old said, ‘got the TV choice awards tonight, and I feel like sh*t. Really ugly fat pictures online today.’

    She continued to hit back at the people that had criticised her bikini body, ‘I understand it’s not the best angle, I understand there probably is a bit of cellulite, but I can’t help it’.

    However, the Essex girl was determined not to let the body shamers get her down, ‘I’m standing strong, I’m defiant, I’m not going to let these people get me down. So I’m going to get my glad rags on and I’m going to get to the TV Choice Awards!’

    After telling the camera how she would be enjoying the three course meal, bread AND wine, she invited haters to ‘log online and see me, in my glad rags, at the TV Choice Awards and probably tell me how sh*t I look’.

    These comments come after Ferne admitted on This Morning that she’s not always as thick skinned as she makes out to be, ‘Since I’ve been in the public eye, people have made such horrific comments about my looks. I don’t know why they do it’

    In her interview on This Morning she revealed, ‘Some of the nasty things they’ve said has brought me to tears. It’s really horrible and I think people need to be aware that it’s not okay. I am thick skinned but trolling isn’t something you ever get used to.’