Mum shares powerful message after refusing to cover up her facial birthmark on her wedding day

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  • One mum has spread an inspirational message of empowerment after refusing to cover up the four inch birth-mark on her face for her wedding day.

    Ferrin Roy is an established author and body confidence campaigner, who has made a career championing alternative models of beauty on her social channels and in her successful book, The Mark She Kept. She’s also a qualified mental health counsellor in her home town of Louisiana.

    But it’s her stunning wedding pictures which have really catapulted her viral status, with the striking mark setting off the images alongside her delicate wedding dress and veil.

    ‘I never covered it and never will, I love answering questions about it and I just feel so good,’ she told Mail Online. ‘My birthmark is not only raising awareness but it’s helping others embrace their uniqueness.’

    ‘I’ve always felt confident while gazing into a mirror.’

    She continued: ‘Some people would squint their eyes, ask if it was paint, inquired about removal and also several people have asked to touch it.’

    ‘My birthmark is a part of me, I will not cover it to satisfy the view of others. I will always be myself and no one is worth me changing who I am.’

    Ferrin has earned herself nearly 350,000 followers on Instagram thanks to her messages of body positivity and self acceptance. She’s mother to two beautiful girls and hopes to encourage them and other young girls like them to embrace their beauty – whatever it may look like.

    And her fans are so grateful for her message, with thousands taking to the comments on her Instagram posts to thank her for inspiring and empowering them.

    ‘This is absolutely beautiful,’ said one. ‘You are everyone because you listened to God and shared your story!’

    Another agreed: ‘Love seeing beautiful beautiful people with birthmarks !! And To think I use to want mine gone!!’